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My top tips on making it work

February 05 2018 | Event

by Kelly, Flexible Fitness member since 2009

I'm an Account Manager for a Recruitment Agency.

The products are seasonal which can affect the hours I work, normally around 9 hours, but during busy times I can work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, it really is that  demanding.

I use to have an office based job, working in a Call Centre. which had no physical element to it at all.

I enjoyed it, but had to change my lifestyle when it started to affect my mental health, as I found I had no energy or drive and my attendance wasn’t great either.

Some days I cannot be bothered to go to the gym, especially after a long day at work. If I'm in this mind set I don't set unrealistic targets and I'll pick a slow activity like Yoga or swimming.

I have set days that I train and I do my upmost to keep to them, but things change and I'll have to work around it. I don’t beat myself up if I can’t make the gym though, as I find it doesn't help, I'll just set a goal for the next training day and focus on that.

I also find it really helps to prepare my meals a couple of days in advance, mostly my lunches, and I have two fridges at home for all the fresh fruit and veg we eat.

I always make sure I eat breakfast but if I have to go to work extra early,  I take it with me, as I find I can't eat too early.

I always get my gym bag together on a Sunday night ready for Monday and put it either near the front door or even in the car, so I can't forget it and I have no excuses not to train then.

To stop me snacking I always have the individual Soreen bars in my drawer at work in case I need a pick me up, as they're a much healthier choice.

Mondays are the worst day for me so I'll aim for a class I really enjoy, like Body Combat.

The best thing I do though is to use more than one leisure centre.  Nottingham Tennis Centre is not far from work and John Carroll and Harvey Hadden are minutes from my home so I have plenty of classes to pick from no matter how little spare time I have to train.

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