Running in Nottingham

Why Run?

People run for different reasons, from weight loss to fitness, from friendship to fulfilling a sense of adventure, your journey starts here!  What better way to start than with others who share your goal?

What Equipment Do I need?

  • A pair of trainers
  • Comfortable sports clothing
  • Long trousers and long sleeves, will be fine if that's what you prefer
  • High visibility clothing if you are running at night or in poor weather conditions

How Do I get Involved?

It is easier to keep motivated when running with friends or as part of a group.  All our groups are free of charge and there are choices for all abilities  you don't need to be a speed demon or a marathon run to come along!  There is no pressure to complete or a run a specific pace, distance or time.  It really is about lacing up your trainers and taking part.

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